How we started

In March, 2016 Mica received several requests through the furniture ministry she and her husband had started for beds for kids being placed in homes by CPS. She and her husband discussed the idea of building beds for the kids. At this same time, Willie, Mike and Bill had attended a large build day for a bed ministry in Whitehouse at the church attended by Mike’s son. They decided they could meet this need in Longview, they just needed a contact familiar with CPS and foster organizations. The next week, Mica’s daughter had an appointment with Mike and he asked Mica if she thought this was a need in the Longview area. She agreed that it was and explained how she had been thinking about how to provide beds. God’s hand was all over the timing and He brought everyone together. The four of them plus Jayne met with a CPS coordinator that night and decided to form Beds of Hope.

How it works

Willie and Bill Faulkner used the original design that was built on the build day in Whitehouse and modified it to simplify the design and make it functional for Bunk Beds.  Once the design was in place then templates were setup to make cutting the lumber quick and easy.  Several times through the year Beds of Hope will plan a cut day and then a build day.  Through this process and the gathering of volunteers we are currently building between 150-200 beds each year.  

Update:  By the time that Beds Of Hope had its 2 year aniversary we had built 355 beds for children in East Texas.

Beds of Hope would like to thank the following companies and individuals for their generous contributions:

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